Monday, October 26, 2015

Brandon's Twelfth Email! October 26th, 2015

So first of all, thank you soooo much for the packages!!! I got hooked up with so many treats and INSOLES and the rugby and football, thank you sooo much!

Dad, there are tons of willys cars here. Willys wagons, willys pickups, it is super cool, some are still really clean!

I tried oatmeal for the first time this week, idk if my taste buds have gotten less picky but I actually liked it!

Tons of people here speak in Vos form... It's like a mix between vosotros and Tu, and it's not in any textbooks because it isn't officially a form, but that's interesting haha, just thought Casey would think that's funny. 

I eat this typical salad here a lot... Salad with huge tomato chunks and tons of mayonnaise and oil... that's it... haha I'm like actually pretty used to it now, can eat it and almost enjoy it.. I think I'll learn to like it idk! 

There was a baptism for an 8 year old in the ward and we brought Gabriela to see it, it was really cool, and my companion and I stood in for the confirmation.

Dad, can you send me 3 photos of the falcon¿?

My new comp is awesome.. So Elder Rae went home and that was crazy, the first day was hard because I can't speak any english, and Elder Rae finished, and ALL of our plans fell through for 6 hours straight and I just felt so dumb with my new comp, but thennnnn things turned around... My spanish is definitely improving faster, we had a couple good lessons together, and two new investigators (a couple with two kids). Elder Balke is from Porto Allegre and is super cool. I like the way he teaches but it's still a little too early to really tell! It's funny, I really can't speak english besides Tuesdays when we come together as a zone, but my spanish is doing better than I thought it would. I understand people way more now than I did, and that's cool.

One of our investigators, Gabriela, is starting to progress more and more. I'm not sure exactly though, I'll try and talk about her more next week. We had something cool happen though. Elder Rae and I taught this lady three weeks ago and haven't been able to have contact with her. Two days ago I was thinking and was like oh, we should go visit her, and she told us, "I've been thinking a lot about your lessons and want to know more, I want to know what a baptism is like and see how it happens," so we are hoping our next lesson with her will go well. All in all, everything is great here... getting more accustomed everyday.

Top ten

10. Getting to know the area pretty well, especially cause Elder Balke just got here.
9. I made pancakes and maple syrup and french toast this week! It was so good!
8. We came home from changes meeting and there was a letter in the mail from Sheridan in the fence. It was cool to get mail at the house!
7. Mom sent me 2 packages and they both got here! So much goodness inside!
6. I got to see Elder Mcmillian (from the MTC) at the changes meeting!!
5. Gabriela and some inactive members came to church this week!!
4. My new comp is sweet!!
3. The scriptures are something I love reading now. I look forward to personal study time so much.
2. My spanish is coming along, not good, but improving
1. I have been increasingly happy and excited these past couple weeks. I feel like I am happy I can finally communicate more and start to contribute.

Love you all, thanks for everything!!

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