Monday, November 9, 2015

Brandon's Fourteenth Email! November 9th, 2015

Crazy that it is week 15! I hit 100 days this Friday! It feels crazy that I have been out of the house that long, really really crazy!!

So some things I'm really stoked about! We cleaned our room last Monday and organized the bookshelf and it's sooooo much better now!!!!! Like feels kinda homey... (respectively).

Mom, could you please please send me the recipe for the apple sauce cinnamon spice cake and the chocolate frosting. Like a birthday cake? I'm gonna try and start collecting the ingredients little by little until a special p-day!
I took out money, I'm gonna buy a watch at the next available opportunity, I think 3 weeks on Tuesday, but I won't spend it all!

Casey, could you send me a pic of my motorcycle in Mexico? Your film pic?

I'm learning tons of conversation spanish cause I have to talk tons! haha so I'm learning a lot lot faster! 
It's fun, I can like walk up to someone, initiate a conversation, tell them who we are, set up a time to come back, and like say jokes too, haha. It makes it more enjoyable to be able to be a person again.

So today we had to go to Tres Cruces (in the other mission, central downtown Montevideo) to sign for our visas. It really was a bummer. Starting at the beginning of p-day we had to take a 1 hour and 15 min bus standing to go wait in line till 4 pm to take a bus back! Not a very cool p-day, but it's alright!

We had interviews with President Friday. I pretty much told him I felt bad because we haven't had tons of success and he just said it's a lot more like that than people think. Everyone makes their own choices.

I'm really happy, so my zone set a goal to do more contacts, and my comp is kinda excited about that now, so we are going to get to talk to more people now! Also, we are focusing contacts and teaching especially on the Restoration which I love because it is so special, so unique, and needs to be shared!

Our investigator didn't come to church, and isn't progressing much, it's like sort of at the line of if she will keep investigating or not.

We taught the restoration to the family history guy and it was great, but he also didn't come to church! So frustrating! 

I have been loving reading Preach my Gospel, and Jesus The Christ. Such good books (in addition to the scriptures). Really is a great start to each day.

I'm loving how I'm getting more and more accustomed to being here every week. Really nice to get more used to it idk... Kinda hard to explain.

That's it for now, sorry. Hopefully there is more exciting stuff next week!

Top Ten

10. Focusing on the Restoration!!!!
9. Romans 8:38-39. Sheridan sent me this and it's been something that some of our investigators have loved.
8. Finally the weather warmed up!!! So much more enjoyable!!!!!!
7. The house is wayyy cleaner than last week. More home-like. Sorta.
6. Contacts! Help break up the day and hopefully we'll find more people!
5. Hit 100 days! Idk why but it's a fun milestone.
4. Everything is going well, the zone plans really should help my comp and me be more efficient!
3. Spanish is getting better!
2. I got so many letters from Sheridan this last week! Really helped after a long week!! 
1. Settling in more and more, getting more used to walking and being a missionary and studying and just everything... the mindset, the routine. It's nice.

Love you all!

 I was making this face as a joke! I'm happy!



 We made brownies and frozen dessert this week! It was so enjoyable

 Today in Tres Cruces 

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  1. Brandon is still the coolest. Its so good to hear how well he is doing!