Monday, November 16, 2015

Brandon's Fifteenth Email! November 16th, 2015

Hey Family!!!

This week I am developing patience! Homeboy is a little hard to be with always, cause he makes it so apparent that he doesn't want to be with me, or at least acts like it! Haha he like walks behind me, and crosses the street for no reason I think just to walk away from me. I wait for him sometimes or cross the street too. I don't understand. It's a bummer, but it's alright. I'm focusing on trying to help people in El Pinar but then it seems like I'm trying to fight another battle also, which doesn't help. He gets really mad really easily and then for hours it's just him like talking about how people don't know anything. Okay sorry, just haven't talked to anyone in a week haha

Also he took some peanuts that I bought, which isn't a big deal, but they were like totally in my stuff so he went through my stuff I guess.

So something cool is there are fireflies here! Every night I feel like I'm at disneyland in what is it, Pirates of the Caribbean? Makes me happy haha.

Mom, could you PLEASE send me the recipes that I asked for last week? The Apple Sauce Spice cake and chocolate frosting, and now I am going to add the chocolate bunt cake please!!!

Dad, could you please send me two photos of my CT-70? Thanks!

I made Lemon bars last night with lemons from our back yard! They were pretty good actually!

Things I didn't include in the voice recording were we went to Salinas and handed out Book of Mormons and it was fun!

One funny story!

So we were walking and there was a couple probably about 25 years old and I said hi to them completely normal like I say hi to every one and then like 200 yards later I felt someone behind us and the guy was like fast-walking up to us and yelled, "AYYYYAYYYAYYYY VOS! Tienes un falta de respecto!!!" And he went into this huge rant about how I was hitting on his girlfriend, and he was super mad, but I was like, "No I said hi to YOU, I have my own girlfriend, and as missionaries, we are not here to flirt or find girls," and he ended up calming down enough to shake our hands before he left, but I thought he was gonna punch me haha.

Other than that, our investigators aren't keeping their commitments, which is pretty frustrating. We received like 5 references this week and they are good so hopefully next week I have good news!!! I am happier more and more each week now that I can actually talk and communicate myself. It's more fun to be recognized as a real person!! 

I love studies in the morning, I wish our investigators could see the big picture always!!! 

Sorry I don't have more crazy cool spiritual experiences, but hopefully in the week that's coming!

Top Ten!

10. Nobody can hear us sing in the morning, don't think my homeboy knows how the tunes work
9. I feel like I can relate to dad's flea bites on his mission because of all the bites I have!
8. Open Chapel in San Jose de Carrasco, it was fun!
7. The references we received!
6. When I told the guy about Sheridan he finally calmed down
5. Times when homeboy isn't super cold to me are a nice change!
4. I am developing patience, actually working on it consciously, and it's working.
3. Austin finished his Eagle Project!! Congrats AUZ!!!
2. Sheridan is going through the temple soon! The temple is so cool and anyone who hasn't gone should probably get baptized and enjoy it :)
1. I am enjoying learning the culture, and learning spanish; but most importantly learning more about the things that are sure to always bring us happiness in this life, and allow us to take advantage of all that will come thereafter.

Love you all!!!  

 Silly pictures of us one morning before we started studies!

 Elder Carrol and me

 The Family History Day!

Lemon Bars!

 This was this morning. My foot. So dank

Also from this morning..
This is the super nice stake center

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