Monday, October 12, 2015

Brandon's Tenth Email! October 12th, 2015

Hey guys!

So random things first. I sent a voice recording so hopefully you got that. Other than that, Jack looks soooooo cute in all the pictures of him I've received!! We had a conference this week for the 10 missionaries who got here with me. It was cool, but we had to wake up at like 5 something to go to Montevideo by bus, and we were there till like 5 just kinda getting taught and doing practices. 

We contacted this lady, and came to her house later where we talked with her and her husband and we were asking about their family and they had a son who lived in La Jolla for 3 years and worked at Scripps!!! How random!!! Then we actually met him and he was asking me about La Jolla with like specific questions. It blew my mind hahah.

We've gotten a lot better with our area, just in time for my companion to leave in 10 days, he finishes his mission! But now we're able to have a lot more firm plans and lessons and things like that. This week, I actually took the lead in a lot of the lessons which is somewhat of a laugh riot because my spanish is still so bad haha. But I'm actually understanding sooo much more now. I barely get so lost anymore where they could be talking about baseball or the church. The first week it was like I had my ears closed. It is so weird to be sitting in a house listening to someone in spanish and understanding, then when I actually think about them speaking in spanish and listen to the spanish, I can't understand. Very odd. We had a cool lesson about the plan of salvation with this guy and his wife and mother, so we are hoping that they will continue to investigate. Our other investigator is more or less flaking out, which is a bummer to see. I don't have enough time to write about like anything, or send pics, but all is well. I think a huge thing right now is for me to try and understand spanish well enough to be more personable with people in their houses. If there was one thing I could change right now about our teaching it would be that I think we need to be more pleasant when we are in people's houses. 

Top Ten 

10. Still haven't gotten sick
9. We had church again in our own building!
8. Elder Rae has almost finished his mission!
7. We will have a zone intercambio this week where I stay in my area
6. The rain stopped, I don't have a jacket with me
5. We found a lot more people this week
4. Our bishop really loves us.
3. The ward has opened up a lot more to receive us.
2. I'm finally getting used to not getting used to anything, aka, less OCD
1. I am here and things are good and hopefully we can help some people make good decisions in their lives. 

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