Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brandon's Eleventh Email! October 20th, 2015

This week was great!

Okay so first of all I am just a lot more happy. I'm not sure why, I think I am like finally getting used to being here and just doing what we do every day but it has been really cool. I feel like I'm actually enjoying it now to a new level, of where it is fun, not just like okay yeahhh haha.

This week we had an open house in another chapel, it was great. Elder Rae and I were in charge of showing the baptismal font, and explaining what it is that we do and why and it was fun. Lots of people came and it was great practice! We went to Carrasco three times this week! Once to go to Elder Rae's choir practice (changes meeting tomorrow he is singing with all the other elders who are leaving), and then yesterday for his final interview with President, and then today to go to the temple this morning!!!!! It is cool to go there because it is so nice but the bus ride is an hour long and it's always an hour long at least of standing in stop and go buses! 

So the work has been going well, sort of. We have a lot of investigators but only a few of them are progressing, which means like they won't come to church or something like that. My spanish is still improving, but sometimes it is hard to think positively if I get super lost in a lesson. But that rarely happens anymore. So the lock on our fence broke so now we have to hop our fence every time we go in or out. It's like 5 feet tall so it's super annoying when we're in suits! 

Elder Rae is going home tomorrow! So crazy, my new companion is a Brazilian named Elder Balke! It is just a two person house so goodbye english! So gnarly! I'm kinda scared but I guess that I'll learn a lot faster... hahah but starting tomorrow at like 3 it's all Spanish unless we meet up as a zone! I can hardly believe it.  

I'm sorry everyone that my emails are so janky, but the computer labs we use are so janky! This one is in a mall next to beating music and it is so hard to type without totally losing what I'm saying! 

I will send voice recordings with information about more specific stuff I guess so I can actually tell cooler details, but parents, could you guys get my driving record from the DMV and then once it gets to you mail it to the mission address? It's good to have it on record or you can never drive. But I'm super excited for this next change, can't believe it'll just be me and this guy haha. I heard he is like 24 and used to be in the Brazilian army. Well, I'll let you know next week. 

Something I'm super stoked about is how much I'm loving the scriptures. Personal study time is seriously the best, the scriptures are so comforting and just right. They are so right, it's awesome. 

Top ten

10. The Galarza family gave me some super sick cologne! 
9. I get to go to changes meeting tomorrow in Malvin!
8. Elder Rae has finished a good mission!
7.We got to go to the temple this morning! 
6. Got to participate in the open house this week!
5. Finished my first transfer as a missionary in Uruguay!
4. Hopefully I'll learn spanish really fast now.
3. The scriptures are the best
2. Excited to be here, my gnarly blisters don't hurt so bad (I have a pic, I'll send it sometime)
1. Get to teach people about the best knowledge ever!!!
Love you all! Thanks for your love and support!!!!

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