Monday, October 5, 2015

Brandon's Ninth Email! October 5th, 2015

I actually don't know what week from home it is, if someone wants to figure that out...
So I forgot to say last week we had an intercambio so I slept over in El Bosque and went with Elder Carroll and it was super fun.

First of all, happy birthday to Ladd Castellano, and Kennedy and Carson Hoffman. There are tons of people in my zone with birthdays this week too.

This week was sweet, my feet are hurting a lot less, I'm understanding more and more spanish, although still sometimes get soooo lost, and we had lots of lessons where members came with us. 

We have zone conference tomorrow, and me and my comp are doing a 30 minute workshop, so wish me luck.

So there isn't much to say I guess besides, there isn't much time to email, and we walk so much! haha it's all good, but sometimes we have lessons like so far away and we just book it. It's been really fun though.

The general conference was great. I have never loved it more, I always thought Casey was exaggerating on his mission, but it really was something more special this time. Our investigator Gabriela loved it! So that morning, we taught her about prophets, which at first she thought was crazy, but after conference was so excited to go back and watch Sunday, it really was a miracle!!! Every talk in the first session was for her I swear, me and my comp were so stoked. 

We watched it live in english at the stake center, so Saturday night we got home at like 11:30 cause it ended at 11. I will try and send more next time, but the conference was 10 hours of the week haha, in between sessions we talked to people around this area and invited them to watch... 

Top ten.

10. More investigators
9. The goodness of family history work
8. Getting to stay out late Saturday
7. Getting potato chips one day at lunch!
6. The conference wasn't boring at all this year, haha not at all
5. We have been starting to have warmer weather!
4. My feet don't hurt so bad!!
3. We have a super impressive walking speed
2. Our investigator Gabriela will probably be baptized October 17th, the gospel is helping change her life for the better
1. I'm here and things are good, great ward, great people, all involved in a great work

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