Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brandon's Eighth Email! September 28th, 201

Hey fam,

This week has been good! I'm pretty sure my arches of my feet are dying but whatever haha... I can walk with pretty good pace!!! I can manage the pain and hopefully insoles will help!! 

I have been getting WORKED by bugs every night in bed. It's funny, my arms are dotted. We had a member come to our house to look at the broken window and he was so sketched by all the electricity in the house. He is an electrician and said all of the wires are outdated and the system is super sketchy, and our water heater is right above the spout of the  shadow and he said that's dangerous, it was funny. I understood like 90%, but facial expressions made up the other 10%.
There is a cool song, number 129 and the accompanying scriptures are so cool. I love them. We call this place area of buff dogs. 
Okay, now to the more spiritual side. 

We have a couple cool investigators that I'm super excited about! We found this couple and had the second lesson with them and it was great, they had been reading The Book of Mormon and already knew it was true. He is changing his work schedule so he can come to church. 

That girl has really felt it is true, and is trying to align her life with the gospel.
We had a guy riding on a motorcycle stop and tell us he has been trying to do family history and everything led to the church, he said when he learns about his ancestors he wants to find a path for his family... we were tripping haha like so stoked, so we are going to try and help him and and teach him like he wants...

We got a reference from another area for this lady and visited her last night. Her daughter had been helping her out because she had severe depression. She is looking for the answers to a lot of whys... We taught about the plan of salvation and she was moved by it, so I am excited to go back. It's nice, I'm finally getting a knowledge of our area and understanding soo much more now.

It's fun here. The culture is funny. I like can't place it. It's not like Mexico at all, kinda like America, but not really. It feels like European in a different language. It is really cool to get to know the families in the ward better, I am excited to be here for some amount of time.  

Sorry, this computers USB port is broken, so I'll try and send pics next week.

Top Ten

10. The amount of help we've gotten from the members
9. I can actually understand a lot more now.
8. Alfajors
7. We have come across a lot of people the gospel can help
6. We are finally getting in contact with people we've been trying to for so long now.
5. Losing some love handles. This is cool cause mom, you were right, my pants were too short, but now they sit lower and are fine.
4. Blisters aren't as bad anymore!
3. The amount of lessons that we've had this week!!! 
2. All of the support and good news I hear from loved ones (Baby Jack, family pics, Sheridan's missions call.)
1. Some people are accepting the gospel and I know it'll change their lives!!!! 

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