Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brandon's Sixth Email! September 14th, 2015

Hey family!! Not sure where to start. This email is gonna be janky and I'm sorry! First of all it's hard to type because it is frigid hahah. Since I've arrived I could see my breath at all time in all places, studying at 8am while seeing every breath is funny.

So my last couple days in the MTC were cool/fine. We left at 3am and my flight to Uruguay go canceled, so we took an Air france flight to Uruguay like 3 hours later. When we arrived lots of full hugs from missionaries! haha. We slept that night in like this church hotel next to the temple and the next morning met our trainers. Mine is Elder Rae from Seattle, Washington, he only has 6 weeks left in the mission!!! So we left to our areas at 3pm Wednesday and got to our apartment! JANK! hahaha it was super dirty with trash everywhere. It was fine though, we set our bags down, then left and went and met with the ward mission leader and it is crazy people just speak spanish here.. haha my trainer speaks english but we mostly try and speak spanish. The meetings went well and so for the past 5 days we have just been getting our feet under us. This was a whitewash for us, which means he is new in this area as well, and this area used to be 3 areas but is now one so it is huge! So we don't know anyone and we have been meeting with members, less active members, and investigators... getting to know everyone. My area is El Pinar in the La Costa stake, next to the beach!!!! Haven't actually seen the beach though... But yeah, we have been teaching lessons and stuff which is cool! Yesterday in my first sacrament meeting we had to get up and talk for like 5 minutes so I introduced myself and bore my testimony and it was cool. A lot of the members here are super cool! So I don't wanna write much more right now, I will just include some pictures from since last Thursday. I only have like no time. I haven't taken pictures really of Uruguay because my comp said we only can after 10 on p-days and even then not really so idk if I'll have pics much... we'll see. We walk a tonnnnnn!!!!! It is so crazy haha. Okay so yeah, It has been cold. The first two nights here were 0 degrees celsius and soooo humid, I couldn't sleep cause I was too cold!!!!!!! ahhhh, I'll try to explain more next week. 

Oh!! and a piece of my wisdom tooth came out on the bottom left side!! It was stuck in there and I thought it was food, then I grabbed it with my finger and it was a tooth fragment!!! It came out of the hole! There is tons more I forgot to type, but I'll type it someday. It's in my journals. 

Top Ten
10. Milanessas
9. I'm here!!!
8. My comp is cool and we are working hard!
7. We have gotten to teach like three lessons to investigators
6. I haven't frozen to death, yet!
5. Even though the first two days I ate nothing between lunches, it wasn't even bad
4. My spanish comprehension is going up, I need a bigger vocabulary!
3. I got to email after 12 days!!!!
2. BYU football.
1. This ward and area are great, and I am excited to see the missionary work take off

My District

Brandon and his trainer in Uruguay

They have the sickest keys here, like everyone uses the old school most dope keys, I'll send a pic next week!!!! Also more of the apartment!

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