Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brandon's Seventh Email! September 21st, 2015

So this week it hasn't been as cold!!! There are like days where it is cold but not really terrible.
Random but we saw a dog climbing a fence!! Literally all fours against the fence like 3 feet up!!! How weird is that?

So we have been walking a ton. Like tons. My feet really hurt but it's all good, but mom if you could maybe send me insoles for arch support that'd be great... We have like so much area because it used to be three areas and now it's just one... We have like 5 paved roads in my area so it is all just tons of dirt everywhere; it's really roasting my pants as far as cleanliness. I have blisters on both feet but I'm hoping they will turn to protected skin after but we will see. So it has been better this week as far as having lessons. We have two new investigators who we met through contacting, and the first lesson that we returned to was great. They seem really interested, they are like a couple of like 50 years.
There is another girl probably like 25 years old who is investigating and last week I asked her to be baptized and she said yeah! Haha so her baptism is scheduled for the 11 of October!!! Not 100% it'll be on that date but that is the plan as of now! Other than that, we are meeting families in the ward and it is great. The bishop has only been a member ten years and is so cool. Last night we had a lesson with like a couple of 70 years, and with their children so there were 12 adults. Then we sung 'Called to Serve' and there were 22 people singing it... haha it was nuts. One of the sons is a bishop so I felt funny like sharing a spiritual thought in Spanish to these people but it was good. I asked the mission president today if I can use One Drive to send pics because right now it takes like 10 minutes for each pic to load.

This week we had a multi zone conference in Moldanaldo and it was such a nice city!!! We also got to stop at these giant fingers in the sand on the way home, it was really cool and there were people surfing at the beach!!! It killed me actually... haha. We cleaned our apartment tons and made a fire in the roast pit thing... It was a good time. We don't have like any time to email I feel like. Sheridan sent me a digital voice recorder cause like everyone here has one here so I can say more with that in a month or so when it comes! What an angel! haha. So the members give us lunch, and we were in a house and they were cooking like a vegetable stir fry and I was like okay, it's time. All the grief mom has given me all these years came down to this moment. So I ate it super fast and so she like got me more and it was tough hahah... Okay well sorry, I have like time to say nothing. If this pic loads it is a typical road in our area, on our way back to our house last p-day. Hopefully I can One Drive it or I'm gonna buy another memory card and send this one home when it is full or something like that... Idk.

Thanks everyone.

Top Ten

10. I am not fat yet!
9. 2 weeks in the field and I'm lovin it
8. The members here are great
7. I am understanding wayyy more of the spanish now.
6. We have one investigator with a baptismal date
5. The cool couple we found!!! 
4. The alfajors here
3. I have three pairs of shoes to change when I get blisters
2. There are lots of people that are helping us get rolling here, and it is helping! I love the hymns in spanish and I can read the B.O.M. in spanish and I understand most everything..
1. SHERIDAN HOFFMAN IS GOING TO RECIFE, BRAZIL JAN 27th!!!!!!!!!!! Portuguese speaking. Brazil is stoked!!

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