Saturday, March 18, 2017

Brandon's Eighty Fourth Email! March 18th, 2017

Well, last night we had 6 elders in the house and we each bought a liter of chocolate milk of different types and had a taste test. We all drank one kind, then switched, and personally, I like colet the best! I love chocolate milk! 

So this past week we had two multi-zone conferences and after each we had divisions with the Zone Leaders. Then yesterday we also had one with a companionship. I was with Elder Alvarez, Elder Bess, and Elder Cabrera! It's sad, every time I'm with Elder Bess now, our day turns out kind of lame. I don't know why, like people not there etc. The other two days were awesome work-wise. It's fun being with past comps, like I can see how I'll be friends with them after the mission! 

So we have one neighborhood and in that we have found lots of investigators lately. We have found three families which is awesome! One family of 6, one of 9, and another of 6!!! So they have all said that they are going to go to church on Sunday, which would be so funny! Haha obviously lots of times they flake out, but we are going to pass by their houses in the morning and possibly walk with tons of them down to church! That'd be like another 5th of the ward or more haha...

One of the wives came to an activity on Wednesday, we had a family night in the church on Wednesday and she brought three of her four children!!! It was so cute seeing the girl who is eight and her brother who is 9 like jump around in a circle SOOOO excited because they were going to go to church!! It was great, but it's kind of sad because these families were starting very early before they were ready or expected and they all are kind of just fighting through the week to week..

The conferences have gone well. We share a video from this December training to mission presidents and talk about it, and President talks about receiving personal revelation which is so important to everyone, not just missionaries!!! I recognize it soo much now that I'll have to make big decisions when I get home, and without looking for guidance from God, I have NO clue how I'd make these decisions!!! He wants us to make good decisions and is willing to help us make them!!! 

I am excited to have more time at home to study the scriptures for as much time as I want each day!!! Like obviously I'll have things to do but I can prioritize my day, and that'll be great. I want to learn more about the bible, not just the stories but the background and history of the events, otherwise I don't think I can really understand all of it...

There are so many funny things that people do each day... like to try and avoid us like we're poison haha!!! It's funny, and some guy a little older than me got SUPER angry because we contacted a lady who was apparently his girlfriend and he like yelled threats and she was like váyanse!!! So we left... Our area has sooo many great people, and it also has like the, "Learn by their example what not to do," which is so sad. I know that they can break that streak but sometimes it's hard.

I more than anything know that Christ and God love us because they have done so much to help us ready ourselves to return to our Father!! I love 2 Nefi 31. The whole chapter talks so clearly about what we should do, why, and how!!! 

I can't wait to squeeze Jack's little cute face!! Christie and Daniel, you have the cutest kids ever! 

Love you all!!! 

Sorry mom, maybe I'll think of a top ten and send it later!!! 

Elder Richmond

UPDATE: Here is Brandon's top ten which is not in order

-Playing basketball on a wood court with people who play
-Finding new investigators
-Multi zone conf. going well
-Divisions going well
-Chocolate milk testing panel
-Dad's Jeep project
-Auz getting teefs out and birfday
-I really like our house of four missionaries
-The simplicity of the Book of Mormon
-Being able to be happy despite random inconveniences, something I´ve gotten a little better at.

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