Sunday, September 18, 2016

Brandon's Fifty Eighth Email! September 13th, 2016

Hey!!! Fun week, so Tuesday I think it was, we had District meetings, and the WHOLE afternoon was going from lessons with investigators to other lessons with investigators, it was so fun! It was like the first time that we have had that in Rocha.. it was short lived... but whatever. I love the Book of Mormon, getting to teach and testify about it all day long.  We had one lesson with an inactive lady from another church who was kind of just in disagreement with everything and we told her how and why we knew the Book of Mormon was true, and what that means to us and she changed, it was nice to see. 

THEY CAME OUT WITH A SPANISH QUAD! And they are sooo nice! They open normally, unlike the old triple and bible, so they must've fixed the binding problem. 

We had temple conference on Friday and it was super great, I really had missed the temple. Elder Ford and Gomez were there too so it was really fun! We were eating pizza (the best I've eaten in my mission) and my comp wasn't smiling at all or talking because he never does because he says it takes too much effort, and president and his wife were sitting in front of us (they are SO cool, like just normal, nice, but super spiritual people. They have their family and live the gospel, it's awesome.) and I asked my comp le gusta? And he was like si, està bien. But super plainly, and president was like, "Disfrutalo vos!!" Haha which is like the Uruguay/Argentina dialect which we aren't allowed to use as missionaries, but president said it to my comp 
Elder Hayden, my friend from this zone who was going to come to Chuy today got assigned to be secretary, and took off on Saturday to go get special training. 

We are in Chuy right now, Elder Sarkady and I are going to be together all day, and we will eat at the Spectu's which is sooo dank!!!!!!!!!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!!!! Not totally sure how old you are, probably 22? 

I am getting transferred mañana to Estaciòn, Florida (in Uruguay, not the U.S. Mom).
Elder Villacillos from Arizona will be my comp, I'm really excited, I've heard good things!! So I'll be there tomorrow afternoon. Friday afternoon there is a conference in Carrassco, and Elder Texiera will be there, so I'm really excited and a little bit anxious! 

Anyway, that's it for this week! It was sad saying bye to Gastòn and Yesica in Rocha. I really just want the best for them, to get married and baptized and eventually sealed! It was really sad. Whenever I think about all of the people in my last area it makes me sad, like Terezinha and Hermana Sosa! 

Top Ten

-Excited for my new area
-Super fun lesson-filled day
-Sheridan had another baptism!!!!! So cute
-Temple conference
-Lunch I will eat today!!!
-Fun two changes with Elder Cristobal!
-Conference this Friday! 
-Stuff Elder Johnson is giving me because he is ending the mission (I'll take a pic of the stuff next week)
-It seems like it's getting warmer (even though it's raining sooo much)
-All of the great amazing treats they have here in Brazil for SOOOO cheap. Good thing I'm not in Brazil. I'd explode. 

Funny how like most of my best friends went to, are in, or will go to Brazil. Including father!

Love you all,

Elder Richmond

 My comp eating tacos with his normal face, 
and then the next picture is when I forced him to eat as if he enjoyed it hahah

 Bread! Turned out legit like normal bread this time!
 I learned how to do it!!!!! 

 Hemano Salaberry

Okay, funny graffiti. This says Vamos Bien. But like it's just funny spanish.
 Sometimes my comp says he feels bad that I'm learning spanish here because it's so mixed up.

 Hermana Suarez and Redìn

 Gaston and Yesica 

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