Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brandon's Sixtieth Email! September 26th, 2016

This week went by sooo quickly, but very slowly also! We walk so much; It's nice kind of because I feel like it's more exercise but it's a ton of time on my feet. But the week was very broken up which was awesome. Last night I was talking on the phone and someone asked me if I could send them an email tomorrow on p-day and I was so confused, it felt too soon.

So thanks Jessica and Chase for the tie and socks you sent me!! Super fun!!
Sheridan, super artistic letters haha. I just got a text saying the senior missionaries brought a few more from Montevideo right now.

We had a really cool experience this week. We knocked a door and this lady didn't want anything but we were a little persistent. We just stood there after she kind of told us off and talked about Christ and she said fine, pass. We read from the Book of Mormon and it softened her heart. I know she felt the spirit of the message because by the time she left she said don't forget to pass by! We are excited to see how she goes. I know that everyone has the light of Christ, and am so thankful for the moments when somebody obviously feels the influence of the spirit.

We had a fun intercambio with a DL this week. I went with Elder Peterson in my area. He is really cool, we started the mission almost at the same time.

Thursday we have interviews with President. We aren't having a conference. We'll have our interviews and then my comp and I are going to have lunch with him, then he'll finish interviews and then in the afternoon he is going to work in our area with us for a bit!! Super excited!!! 

We went to the senior missionary's house to surprise the wife with cookies for her birthday. I was talking to her husband and he was like go inside the house. I left the door open, and I was like okay, you are giving me permission to go in right?? haha but it was fun, my comp makes dank snickerdoodles! 

I don't have a lot of time! But we have been using the Book of Mormon so much, I love it, we handed out a lot this week!! 

Top ten.

10. I actually really enjoy mate (pronounced mah-tay) now, it's nice and cheap 
9. My comp and I got sick jump ropes today! I love jump roping!!!
8. The weather is getting nice!!!
7. We have lunches in this area almost everyday!!!
6. Always supportive letters from Sher
5. Sick tie and socks from the wedding from Chase and J
4. The Wall family, the senior missionaries are awesome!
3. MY comp is rad and we're totally friends.
2. I love my journal. Looking back now over a year ago, and seeing how I've changed is so weird. Really glad I've been diligent on that.
1. Using the Book of Mormon and seeing how it touches people

Love you all!!!

Read the B.O.M.

Elder Richmond

 I don't have a lot of time, but pictures tell a thousand words? What's the saying?

 25 de mayo!!!

A little town of like 2000 people in our area we are starting to work in! 
We went there one day this week

The chocolate mate stuff.


These last three are from my companion's camera-

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