Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brandon's Forty Third Email! May 30th, 2016

SOO Dry...
hahah sike, it's so humid, the closet is actually damp haha. 

This email is going to be pretty short! Mom and dad, please send the genealogy stuff!

We found new investigators this week which was great! We did lots of contacts again, and some people actually were there in their homes when we came by! 

We have had some good lessons this week, not tons like Paso, but some!! haha in Paso they Baptized Victoria!!! One of our investigators, but President said I couldn't go back because it's really far!!!! 
Kinda bummed but it's alright.

This week was pretty cold and then the last two days it has rained a ton! It was pouring yesterday all day. And we had 26 people in church... total!!! haha the missionaries and the branch president were the only priesthood holders there! 

I am not sure what else to write! I have been enjoying speaking a lot of spanish with my comp and Elder Delgado from Castillos. I understand now when people yell things at us. I can understand spanish music a lot better now! haha And it's all fun! We've been talking with a ton of people too, so that is also fun! Just to get to meet new people!

I was super stomach sick for some parts of the week like just trying not to barf and just really bad pain, so that's a bummer! 

It's actually impossible to dry clothing here.. So humid and cold, so it's like a struggle every time we wash.

I've been using my leather bag and it's been good because it is practically water proof.

Pray for Rocha please haha, we need the missionary work to improve here a little! 

I've been loving the scriptures, and that's been helping me to stay positive although the work has been slow!! I'll explain more about the investigators next week after I see how they go!  This keyboard is super sticky! Really annoying!!!

I forgot to do a top ten, I'm sorry!!! haha as if it matters, but my top ten, for all ten is The Book of Mormon! It has the fullness of the gospel of Christ, such a BLESSING! Read it. 

I love you all! 

Elder Richmond

 These next few pictures are from my comp's camera

 My comp and me in our new area

Elder Delgado

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