Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brandon's Fortieth Email! May 10th, 2016

So this week was crazy!!!
To start, I forgot to write in my agenda things to say, so I really am lost. We had a zone conference some day, I got really cool letters and an AWESOME planner Sheridan had made with my name and Uruguay and stuff, so that's cool, the zone leaders got a cake for us and that was also really good!!! Elder Burgess had to do a baptismal interview for the zone leaders so we missed the 12 bus and the next was at 4 so we actually went to the zone leader's bishop's house with them, the other elders in Durazno, and the sisters from Durazno, and the bishop and his wife!!! He had been slow wood cooking like a whole lamb and chorizo since 9 in the morning!!! It was SOOOOOO good!!!!! Like incredible. So that was a sweet surprise. We helped a family in the ward move that night.

The next day, Saturday we went to Durazno to leave with members and visit inactive members. It's always weird being separated from your comp and just alone with someone who isn't a missionary, but sometimes fun! The zone leaders had a baptism so we were at the church after all together!

Early in the week like on Tuesday I fell and cut my arm. Luckily didn't rip or bleed on my jacket. I bled on a shirt but I'm going to try and get it out...

We had an activity with the ward and played soccer so that was fun!!! I kinda like soccer, but not when everyone is agro and just kicks it super hard, it's more fun when it's more tough. Depends on the night.

The river finally went down mostly so that was awesome! 

We had 3 investigators in church because like 4 were in Montevideo and then like the rest just straight up stood us up! So lame, but it was good. The Falcon family was there and just looked so precious! So stoked on them!!!! Virginia and her son and rockstar were the ones in Montevideo, which is a bummer because they are all really cool. They'll come next week, like they already are planning on it!

SOOOOO I'm going to Rocha. The area is in the city I think, kinda on the coast closer to Brazil up there. My new comp is elder Quispe from Peru. So we have transfers tomorrow and I am all packed. We are going to Durazno tonight then Montevideo in the morning! Always SOOOO nuts in the giant bus terminal there! 

I still have some people to say bye to but said bye to mama and Terezinha yesterday and like started crying with both of them! They're like the two I've spent the most time with probably! SOOOOO sad. Like I think it's because now I can actually talk and connect to people, but it has been so hard to say bye and accept that I'm leaving here. It's been sad, but I'm excited to try and start up the work over there! We found 7 new investigators this week, had a REALLY good lesson with the girl named Clara. She is like 23 and we taught lesson two. She had read the B.O.M. and like asked good questions about it and was like I want to make Jesus a part of my life, I'm ready to find a church. She isn't flirty at all either which is good because sometimes if people act flirty we just don't teach anymore because then they might not be going to church for the right reason! She is just super legit and she will probably get baptized!

There are like 4 or 5 baptisms that will happen next change here! Kinda bummed I'm leaving, but happy for the people that have found the church!

I know this church is Christ's church. I know that Christ loves us. How great is that?

Top Ten

10. I'm in the mission, tons of friends are too. We know Christ loves us and we get to help people understand what that really means!!!
9. Packed and everything fit well! Got rid of stuff I don't need so I was able to pack my shoes in my bag.
8. New area, new start! 
7. The water went down!!!
6. Fell on my bike, my helmet didn't fall off, nor did it rip my jacket!!
5. Sheridan decorated a planner all cool and sent it to me with a letter! So cool! It has cool missionary scriptures and encouraging things throughout it.
4. Having a rad comp this change!
3. My three changes in Paso have changed my mission attitude for sure. I'm just so happy to be here.
2. Skype with the family was awesome!!!
1. All of the amazing people that I have met here in Paso

Love you all! Bye!

Elder Richmond

 Fell on the bike

 Terezinha lunch! It was super good!

 All of us at the bishop's house (I took the foto)

 The cool planner from Sheridan

A foto with Brugess and Poulsen, who was in Paso before

 And SKYPEEEEEE! The Skype foto didn't turn out as well as the one Sheridan got of her family haha


 Tatiana and her little sis Bremise

 Foto of us at Mama's house

 Fun last night here :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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