Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brandon's Forty Second Email! May 23rd, 2016

One quick thing, almost everyone here speaks in tu! It's so funny! Like hearing tienes que or dices instead of tenès que and decìs, it's cool. (So I'm in my new area Rocha now! )

So this email won't be super long, mainly because we have practically done the same thing all week! 

So Wednesday we had a mutizone conference in Maldonado and it was great! I saw Elder Ford and Gehring and Gehring's oro. Also, this conference was the last one where we will see President!!!! So crazy!!! I will miss him and Sister Cook so much. They helped me out emotionally so much when I arrived and missed home. They always reminded me why I'm here and that it is so great to get to share the gospel!

Other than that, we have just been going to a part of our ara that we decide on and we try to talk to literally anyone! We practically have no investigators. We had some but he was unfaithful to her so they are not going to get married. It was so sad. He told us and I just felt the weight of what he had told us and it killed me. I was pretty bummed that day because that is just so contrary to all ideas of trust and love. Hopefully he will figure out how to grow and be better in that aspect. 

But we did like a million contacts everyday, and it's been a super long week because we've been on our feet the whole time, I feel like it's a whitewash, and it practically is, but that's alright. I'm loving my companion, I've been working really hard on having fun while working hard. It's been going great, it's his last 4 weeks so he is happy to work hard! It's been fun, and we get along great! 

We have lunch 3 or 4 times a week, and some days it is RAELLY good, others it's something to eat! haha.

Something I have liked this past week is telling people simply what it is that is important about Christ, and it is everything! He can bless anyone, no matter how humble and poor or no matter how wealthy and already happy with their family they are. Everybody. It's sad when people blow it off like it's nothing, really closed minded and obviously sad. I wish they didn't have to be like that but maybe one day they'll accept it.

We knocked this door (actually a reference from a contact) and the lady walked up and was like, "Hola bien dia elderes, les he esperado, tomen un asiento." And we had a good lesson with her and her grandsons who she raises. She wants to come to church and she even told us she wants to get baptized, but she didn't come to church yesterday, so we'll see! haha we'll pass by soon and see what happened. 

We had district conference this weekend so President Cook actually came and spoke. He is legit! I really respect him. So we had about 50 or so in total for the district haha. We didn't have any investigators, so that's been kind of hard coming from my last area, but I'm praying and trusting that we will find success!

Last week we almost got robbed by this weak old guy but we turned on him when we passed a light and confronted him and he chickened. It was sketch, he walked past us in the dark with a hood and turned around after like 5 steps and was like looking at me and I looked and he slowed then I told my comp and we waited till he was like 2 steps back and he stopped and separated and made him go between us and said is something wrong? and he put his head down and ran haha. I had my camera and my triple and would have been sooo mad!!!

Top 10. Didn't think of them beforehand, and they're not in order

-I'm way less picky with food now
-Montezone conference
-My comp has been great
-Fun contacts
-I'm learning the area
-This cyber is really cheap
-The scriptures always guide us and The Book of Mormon was literally written for our days
-I organized all my stuff
-Sheridan's letters are so great haha. They even come with such great handwriting on the cards, everyone always says woahhh haha
-This work will move forward, we just have to help a little, we already know how It's going to turn out though!

 I was bored last p-day so I got on the roof, this is kind of the city a little haha

 More from the roof

 A typical lunch when we don't have lunch (almost always)
It's good, like meat that my comp cooks with soy sauce, onions, tomato, and rice haha

Us at this multi-zone conference we had

 And me with a horse. It FREAKED out after this photo haha don't know why

 The city street (the area is city for a little then fields for a little)

 The church (huge building)

 My desk! haha I love once I get it organized!
And sorry I joked about the big post its, they are perfect for scriptures 

This is the water that came out of the tap this morning...
I've been drinking tap since we skyped because Casey and Jessica guilt tripped me for still using a filter. 

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