Monday, January 16, 2017

Brandon's Seventy Fifth Email! January 14th, 2017

So I got on email, but we took a very important break to go make tacos! They turned out so dank!

Thanks everyone for the Christmas cards! It was great to see all of the different families that I haven't seen for some time now! Thanks Vann for your card also!

Are the Hatch's from our ward from Tempe, Arizona?

So this week, we had 4 intercambios! Each day from Tuesday to Saturday... it was crazy! I worked with Elder Cabrera, Elder Bess, Elder McMillian, and Elder Peterson.

They were each super fun and different days! I was comps with Bess obviously, then Elder McMillian is my bff from the MTC, and it was our first day ever together, so that was sick! And then with Elder Peterson, we had an amazing afternoon, so it was great. I was so happy to be able to work in my area again! It was really weird though, my comp and I each have almost like our own area and our own investigators for this week because we were apart the whole week! 

We found this really humble group of houses like 30 minutes walking from the next closest house. I want to buy trash bags and go pick up litter because there were precious, adorable little kids playing barefoot in piles of trash, it was so sad. We talked to three different groups of people there and they were all very accepting. It was amazing.

It's kind of a bummer because next week our area will be on hold starting from tomorrow until next Friday... because of transfers.

On Tuesday I applied for my Uruguayan identification, then on Tuesday I'll pick it up from this office in a cool part of downtown. We want to go get medical exams (for the drivers license), and go get our licenses but we may not have time to do all of that before the new missionaries arrive at like 11. So we'll go to the airport for that and start the whole process of that! 

I love thinking of the fact that God loves us today just as much as he did the people in biblical times, and he has called a prophet to help lead and guide and protect us like he had done before. Also, he revealed scriptures for our days, that he had prepared many many years ago for us!! Like if that doesn't show long lasting determined love, I don't know what would.

I forgot to do a top ten... sorry!!!

Love you all, Elder Richmond

With Elder Bess. We ate sooo much watermelon because it's so cheap. 
I don't know if I want to eat more. 

This is Elder McMillian

Those are the tacos we made today!

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