Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Brandon's Sixty Second Email! October 10th, 2016

The Improvement Era-
I think that's the name of a church book or something, it's in my brain, I think from footnotes. 

Anyyyway, this week was still an improvement from last in our area and in the zone as a whole so that was good! It's a little hard seeing or hearing of my friends' weeks in Brasil because it sounds a bit more action packed haha, but it's good here in Uruguay. My companion and I are great friends and I just really enjoy it. If he were lame it'd be kind of tough because we get so many hardcore rejections, like 70% of the time. We get so surprised because they are sooo humble financially. Literally like wood and corrugated tin shacks but turn us down as if they were living the life. We joke that they want to go opposite day on Alma 31.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADD GROM. Hope it's good, I heard you in Utah so yewww..

I don't know what's going on but all of my pants are like 4 inches too big in the waist. Hermana Wall, the senior missionary here with her husband, is going to bring them in for me because she was a seamstress. And fix pocket rips / dog bite holes.. I've been on one pair of pants for the last bit because they're all suffering. But I'm not sure if the pants stretched or what, but they're so big. 

We had more lessons this week compared to last week, and we finally found new investigators! Two families, and a cool guy who got hit by a car while being policeman and his life has turned upside down since then. We are really excited to teach them, and they're super cool. We fasted to find families to teach (very rare here) and so far it's going well!! 

I have studied 2 Nefi chapter 2 so much this week and I love it. Every verse has such good doctrine about why we should make good decisions. I wrote a letter to my senior year high school gov/econ teacher because he asked me once about what Mormons believe is the nature state of men, good or bad, and I don't remember what I said, but when I read this, I thought of him and wrote him a more complete answer. Kind of funny, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I thought, why fight it?
I really love how it talks about the fact the Christ's atonement lets us have agency, and repent when we make bad choices, so that we can shake off the natural man and ready ourselves to pass on to the next life. Christ is so central in everything.

Here in Florida everyone is into San Cono. Apparently you give him money and he makes you rich, but if you stop giving him money he curses you. And of course he is just a figurine, so that's a big stumbling block in this area. Very interesting. I don't understand where this comes from....

Well that's like all of the stuff that I remembered to write down I guess. We had one day where we met like 3 people whose lives had been DESTROYED by alcohol, drugs, or infidelity. It makes me so sad. It is so emotionally weighting that sometimes we walk out of charlas and I am just shaking inside trying to not sit down and cry. I just keep going to try and help other people follow the commandments. Happiness is following the commandments of God. I wish so badly that all of my closest friends from church, high school, whatever could just see the effects so clearly of what happens when you follow or don't follow Christ in your life because it would be casi impossible to not follow after seeing. 

Well, that sounds negative, but I am so happy knowing that we can overcome all of this sadness and trouble by repenting and trusting whole-heartedly in Christ as our redeemer who will help us back to God.

I love him, and I love the Book of Mormon because I learn more about him in it. 

Top Ten

10. We did HARD workouts everyday. Like so sore. But rewarding
9. Our district is SO Cool
8. The Eddy's are so cool. Sister Eddy emailed me a cookie recipe because I told P. Eddy that we wanted it. And he came to our ward on Sunday and was telling us about the BYU football game.
7. The Walls, the senior missionaries here are sooo nice! We've been helping him staple on fly screens to his window sills each p-day
6. I got surprise letters from Sheridan during the week because the Walls went to Montevideo. 
5. My comp is so cool and easy going, but works hard.
4. We finally got to do service on Saturday morning. Moving a ton of dirt and leveling it.
3. 2 Nefi 2 is so amazing. This plan is perfect.
2. We finally found new investigators so hopefully we can find more and get things rolling
1. We found families. I think this will be the first time in my mission teaching a family.

I love you all.

Elder Richmond

 Horse track in our area. We cross it almost everyday which is fun haha

Oil with a little bit of food :) Sunday lunch

 We were kidding around saying we need to follow the WoW (Word of Wisdom)  more after President Monson's talk so we work out and then make smoothies with fruit and soy protein.

Cool fields haha

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