Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brandon's Forty Fifth Email! June 13th, 2016

This is going to be short and sweet haha. 
We were playing soccer today and my lip got split.

On Tuesday we had zone conferences. My comp and I gave a 45 minute workshop, then after we were at the house and my DL was like do you want to do an intercambio so I was just like yeah, and we went to La Paloma and had a really cool day! 

Friday we had an intercambio with the ZL. I stayed in my area and it was a good day.

I've been sick with like a cold and cough, but I think it's on its way out! 

An investigator finally came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha I also gave a 20 minute talk on love! It was really nice. She is like 26 and her boyfriend is going to come next week with their kids! She said you had a light when you were talking up there, and I was like yeah they put the lights aimed at the speaker, and she was like no not physical light, and I was like ohhh haha, just read the scrips and that light will always be there! It's so true!!! The scriptures enlighten us!! With God's wisdom, which is always better than man's. I read a lot of my favorite scrips about how we can love others! 

This is the last week of the change, we have pday on Tuesday next week. We are going to chuy or chui in Brasil.  It should be fun! 

It's been cold, today isn't so bad, but I'm kind of used to it. The shower has no curtain and it has a broken window above the shower so it is breeeezy and really cold hahah. 

I've finally gotten back into a good workout routine every morning. Where I actually have time to do everything I want to.

We have been contacting, passing for people, but it's just been really slow. I'm not getting bummed like I did in El Pinar because it's fun doing everything I can. 
I like what Sheridan said in her email last week, it's satisfying knowing I'm doing everything I can to help people, so that's what I'm happy about for now! 

This transfer has gone by SOOO FAST it's crazy. And my boy Joseph Camargo is officially home. And ready to mingle hahah. That's cool!

Top ten.

10. I can make pasta sauce from scratch now!
9. Elder Bauer makes really good banana bread!
8. I'm getting used to being cold!
7. I have gotten to know the area really well in a short time. It's pretty small
6. We cleaned the kitchen realllllly well this week, really nice!
5. The talk by Ezra Taft Benson on pride is amazing!
4. La Paloma was so fun! We got to go up in the lighthouse! 
3. Working out has been fun again
2. I liked preparing for my talk (even though it was 1 day notice) because love is so important in Heavenly Father's plan!
1. We finally had an investigator in church!!!! 

Anyway, I pray for you guys all the time! Love you!
Elder Richmond

 Lighthouse Pictures 

Dead cat

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