Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brandon's Forty Sixth Email! June 20th, 2016

So this week is changes, my comp is going home to Peru, and actually President Cook and Sister Cook go home next Wednesday, and President Eddy and his family will come! 

So random things I wrote down during the week:

I made onion rings, it was cool.. haha looking back at these things now I realize how pointless they are dangit.

I made french fries from potatoes a couple times this week. I need to stop deep frying stuff!!!

My comp borrowed some random person's scale to weigh his bags so I weighed myself. I have lost 10 pounds since I left! Kinda weird! 

My first pair of shoes has a hole worn through the sole... I'm still using them and I'll have to see how my other shoes are to see if I need to get them resoled or ditch them.

We made guiso with two investigators, G and Y. It was really easy and fun and super good! I'm excited to do that when I'm back at college and cooking there haha. Really cheap and good! 

They have tambores in Rocha every Saturday night. They're like these giant drums and they get CRAZY! Like lots of people come and sometimes they make a fire (to heat up the drums) and then they like march but like banging the drums so crazily and it's really entertaining! They also pass by the alley of the church every week while we have a soccer activity, so we get to see them.

So we are in Brasil right now. We came to Chuy or Chui. It's the border town here. So everything is SOOOO cheap! Like I can't believe it! Like almost half, everything! 

We are going to go to a Brazilian buffet with lots of meat and just whatever I guess. I'm really excited, I've heard it is REALLY good.  And other than that they have reallllly cheap ferias or here I think feras hahah. It's funny hearing so much portuguese, like in the supermarket before we came here just like the cashier speaking portuguese hahah. Shout out to Sheridan, that's crazy you speak that now. So funny to picture!!!  And dad, that that was your mission for 2 years speaking that!!! 

So this week, the same investigator came to church and it was super cool! She told us she wasn't going to go and then showed up because the flag ceremony (June 19th in Uruguay) ended early! It was suchhhh a miracle!!! 
She still isn't married, so can't get baptized obviously, but we'll see how that goes! 

So I am going to get a new comp tomorrow!!!
I need to go get him in Montevideo, so I am actually leaving tomorrow morning at like 3:30 am ALONE!!!!!! hahah It's like a 4 hour travel to Monteviedo and I'll go alone, because my new comp is just starting the mission, so I'll tell you next week who he is! Lots of Brazilians and Americans and some Latinos! We could see their names but don't know who has who! I'm really excited though, to travel alone haha just cause that's weird, but more to be able to have a comp who is new and hopefully excited and everything. I'm really scared too but It'll be fun! 
So I'm just scared I'm not going to wake up on time haha, but that'll be so weird to just leave the apartment alone and walk to the bus station and get on it and then be in Montevideo alone! 

We almost got murdered by a dog last night! 
This huge dog on a dark street was barking at a fence and then jumped the fence and was coming at me. My comp didn't notice until it was next to him and I yelled ay! Juiiiiccciooooooo (it scares the dogs) and my comp ran and tripped but the dog was coming at me so it left him and I took off my bag and picked up a rock and was like kicking at it, and it just keep coming so we just sprinted haha.

Anyway, I don't have more time to write, but I'm excited! It's cold. Side note haha.

Top Ten. I forgot to write it before dang

10. Onion rings and other unhealthy food
9. Not getting killed by a dog last night
8. How cheap everything here is, I'm stoked for lunch today
7. Workouts have been going well! Can actually do a couple chin ups now haha
6. President cook was such a good president to start the mission with! So grateful!
5. This was a good change and I'm happy
4. It's really fun being on a mission and studying the scriptures for someone specifically, and then you have a lesson and it helps them
3. Uruguay!!!! Although all the kids smoke weed, I love this country and love my mission call!!!
2. Our investigator coming to church, makes church more fun for me! 
1. I'll have a comp who is new to the mission! That'll be a fun experience! 

Love you all! Be safe, please!!!!
Elder Richmond

Random bus selfie on the way here. 

Weird random house in the city in our area. Super big and old looking. 
I love the architecture here, so random. Like a kilometer away are like humble houses.

Our apartment is LITERALLY right in front of the liceo (high school) those are the front doors. 
So many crazy kids doing wheelies on motos always! 

Pizza I made this week when we didn't have lunch!

 I made egg nog last pday!!! And okay, these are alfajores, like chocolate circle things. 
You can bite on each end and suck milk through it. 
It's super unhealthy but a lot of Americans do it because it's similar to a brownie.
 But we sucked the egg nog through it haha.

 I made tortas fritas (typical of Uruguay)

I took this photo at the tourism post in Rocha. 
The mate, and the gaucho get up. Reminds me more of Paso de los toros.

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