Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brandon's Thirty Sixth Email! April 11th, 2016

Hey!!! So just a pretty wacky, funny week.

First of all, it rained like every day but one, maybe, but maybe all the days, I can't remember. The one time I do remember it not raining, it was 100% HUMIDITY! I didn't even realize that was possible. It might as well have been raining because I was soaked from sweat anyway haha. It wasn't even hot really, just like sooo wet. So this week it actually felt cold at night like twice which is sketchy, I am not excited for the cold. I already miss the summer heat.

So early in the week we were able to find lots of new investigators. We got to a lesson, but if they're not home we park our bikes on the curb (using the fun latin pedal thing) and then just clip our helmets to our backpacks and go walk around a block or two and talk to whoever we see. We just leave the bikes unlocked, no one steals anything here apparently. But it was sweet, we found like 6 new people to teach so we will do a lot of follow up this week! 

It was really hard during a lot of the time though because it would just be down pouring and we are literally the only people in sight, not even cars, so we rode a LOT this week from investigator to investigator. My bike pedal is pretty sketch, I kind of fixed it with bailing wire, but I still almost fall like 3 times a day. 

We have been working out really hard in the mornings and then making omelets for breakfast with a little meat and a little cheese. It is so nice, I feel lots better than like eating cereal. Speaking of my comp, he is super sick and we get along great. It's been super fun so far and I'm really excited for the rest of the change! 

On Friday we had zone conference and we sang the spirit of God, my comp played the guitar. So we did it as a district, and we all had to sing parts solo!!! It was like to practice not being scared haha. I had to sing the third verse. I feel bad for everyone in my zone who had to hear that but whatever, really don't care haha.

We have an activity in Durazno today, then we are staying the night there because we have district meetings in the morning and that'd be a waste of money and like 2.5 - 3 hours of travel! Then I'm coming back with Elder Mora for divisions. He is the new zone leader with Elder Ford. He is from Mexico which is pretty rad. His accent is so much different/stronger. I feel like Uruguayos don't have accents really. 

We have an investigator named Milton who is super cool. He is 17 and is just learning about Christ and God for the first time, so that is cool. He came to church yesterday and we will go see him tomorrow I think. Other than that, we are teaching Walter and Tatiana and they are like the three most serious investigators for now.

We got invited into this house to teach and like two of the four guys were so drunk... then we were like alright, we're going to take off, so the two sober guys told the drunk guys to leave so we could have a normal lesson. The drunk guys were like the first time in soooo long I've seen someone drunk. Really sad, and is sooo easy to see why the Word of Wisdom is an inspired commandment.

I really love this church, I love all of the teachings, the commandments that God has given us to protect us, because he loves us. I am so grateful to have been raised in a way that is easy for me to understand. I see it's really hard for people who come from a hard background sometimes to understand that.

Well, that's it for now, and my brain is pretty scattered right now, but I did have a super cool experience this week. I was really tired after planning (9:30pm) and sometimes I like kinda rest before getting ready for bed but I was like no, I want to read the B.O.M. more, so I like sat down and got kind of mentally ready and had probably one of the most powerful scripture studies ever. I just felt so blessed for my small decision to read instead of rest!

Top Ten

10. Terezinha taught us how to make meringue!!!!
9. Sister Sosa made brownies with ice cream for dessert at lunch this week!
8. Reading over general conference notes.. I have really seen things that pop out to me.
7. Letters I received this week got me super pumped to work really hard, thanks Sheridan!
6. The Bike Parade was a pretty unique experience hah, people lined the streets down in the centro
5. Christie's B-day!!!! Such a legit mother/person!!! Thanks for doing the blog thing for my mission!
4. All the new investigators we found this week!
3. Milton came to church!! 
2. The power we can feel from the scriptures!!! 
1. The fact that we have a living prophet! President Monson is a prophet JUST like the prophets who wrote the scriptures, and he can tell us what is most important right now.

Have a great week!!!! 

This picture is my comp and me one morning because we realized we STILL hadn't taken a picture together (it's been raining)

This is stuff Terezinha made for us haha. Cake and Meringue (Egg white and sugar)

And okay, we left a lesson and heard sirens and saw people filming at the corner so we thought something gnarly happened, so we cruised over. It was like tons of people biking and so we were sitting there as they passed, and some guy who had a vest on was like "VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS" to us so we looked at each other and like filed in with all the other bikers haha. Then the guy rides up to us and told us it was an anti-drug bike rally thing. So we rode for like 2 miles and pulled up to the plaza with all the elementary school kids and the military band so we kept going straight because we weren't sure what was going to happen, but the end of the pencil points to us haha. You can BARELY see, but it's my white shirt with my tie kind of blowing behind me in the wind. Haha. Funny.

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