Monday, August 31, 2015

Brandon's Fourth Email! August 27th, 2015

Well for all intensive purposes I have a month done! hahaha
I only have 12 more days here including today and the days I leave, which is pretty crazy, but I am super excited!! 
To be honest not that much is different week to week. So we went out in our area again and the guy we taught last time wasn't super stoked anymore, so we don't know what's up with him, but we taught good lessons to two other people and that was really fun! There were way less people out this week but it was fun becasue I feel like my Spanish had improved a lot week to week. I think that I will probably end up alternating email times, between my last one and this super early one!  
We have had a good amount of meals with chicken in them!!!!! That was really cool, also, it only rained twice this week!!! We have been playing basketball, but I'd probably call it more tackle basketball because the Latinos do not know that it isn't a "lower your shoulder at the dribbler" sport but whatever haha. We like didn't play for two days cause we were worried someone would get hurt, and then now it's been better! We had the previous group of natives leave, so we get new people today. In my room is someone from Spain, El Salvador, Argentina, and it says England but idk if that is right.  
This week has seemed faster than the last, I think because all the days somewhat blend together, but man the days are long haha. Can't wait to get out in the mission field and starve! But really, I get super stoked taking out the trash because it is the longest straight walk we can do here (about 50 yards)... But I am super excited because we are like 2/3 done with this place. It will just seem so much cooler teaching acutal people than like our teachers, and I'm really excited to see the gospel actually help people in their real lives. So I've never explained this cause time is short but my mission pressident is in Uruguay. The CCM president and his wife are from Arizona. Presidente and Hermana Willis. Then there are two other Americans. The Bedfords, and they're the only Americans here besides missionaries. They are here for a couple hours a day like 5 days a week, and then they conduct English sacrament meeting. Overall this place is getting more tolerable because it's more exciting to think about being out soon. It has been so cold somedays, where like middle of the day I'm shaking I'm so cold, and everyone else is fine, idk what's up with that but whatever. I am excited to go proselyting again his Saturday.. it really helps break up the week. Mon-wed and Friday are almost exactly that one schedule I sent you, and then Saturday follows that schedule till 11 then we go out and come back at like 5 ish. Then normal from 6-9:30. We surpassed our goal for contacts! She said our district had the most contacts per companionship she'd seen almost ever.. then Sunday we have sacrament meeting early, then we have like two classes, priesthood and district meeting, then hour of class, twice, then we have a fireside after dinner, then we study till bed. Thursdays we wake up and email at our specified time, posted the day before, and then we are also assigned a time to go to the temple, and we have a set time for lunch, and class starts at 4:30. Besides that we are free for like 4 or so hours to do whatever... Okay that's all I have for this week... 

Top Ten

10. Banfield Argentina RN is freedom 
9. My teachers (Hermano Peredes and Hermana Lastra) are funny with their english when their grammar is wrong
8. I have four hours of chill fest after lunch today!
7. My countdown to being in the mission field is lookin pretty full!!!
6. More chicken this week!
5. Definitely haven't gained weight
4. My spanish is getting better, hopefully I won't die when I leave here.
3. We get to leave again this Saturday
2. Teaching a lesson to a real person in spanish definitely shows me that I'm gettin good help from our Heavenly Father cause otherwise no.
1. I get to be on a mission and I'm super excited for the experiences that it'll bring me!!

 Elder Cordoso from Sao Paulo

 Elder from Brazil and somewhere else, don't have time to look

 My district... hahah these are a joke!!!!

Comp in class on my b-day. They found a balloon... 

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